Hot melt adhesives

Most Hot-Melt Adhesives are originally EVA-based, which is suitable for fast automatic manufacturing processes. Since the end of the 90’s white EVA’s proven to be more thermical stable, reducing maintenaince at hot melt equipment. EVA hot melts are still very competitive and used in many applications, such as in packaging-, corrugated- and paper- applications.

Besides packaging, hot melt adhesives are also used in product assembly applications, such as footwear, woodworking , toys, white goods, industrial assembly, DIY products, air filters and the automotive industry.

For more challenging substrates, chemical resistance or temperature resistancy (-40°C up to +95 °C ) Polyolefine/metallocene based hot melts can be in favour, despite it’s higher price level.

Curing adhesives, such as PUR hot melt, provide a superior bond, but these are typically more challenging the environment and a the highest price

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