Antislip and adhesive coating

Textile coating adhesives, such as waterbased dispersions and hot melt adhesives, can solve many challenges where materials must be flexible, light and durable with specific functionalities.

Dispersion and hot melt textile coating products can be formulated to cope with UV exposure, heat, fire, aging and mechanical stress. Adhesives can be both used as a coating and as an adhesive for protection and insulation properties. Many technical textiles rely on a strong bond to create protective equipment, welding blankets and insulation panels.

Technical textiles

The increasing demand for technical fibers and textiles, more solutions are found with using specialized adhesiives. From consumer goods to technical and industrial applications. R&D developers, product designers and manufacturers are constantly on the search to develop new and innovative high-performance textiles.

PUR hot melt adhesives are often specifically formulated to meet the required haracteristics of both the substrates and the processes, enabling optimized solutions ot adhere textiles with other substrates. We help to provide the best possible functions for each specific application, such as:

  • Tensile and tear strength improvements
  • Thermal, fire and UV resistance requirements
  • Improve Abrasion resistance
  • High Ageing performance and durability
  • Waterproof bonds
  • Anti-slip applications
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