Labelling adhesives

Intercol has a complte portfolio of water-based adhesives. These adhesives can be based on synthetic or natural raw materials. The basic raw materials are often mixed with additives to meet a special or a wide range of applications. Intercol has special adhesives to serve labeling, packaging, food and beverage, product assembly, converting, textile, wood, and cigarette industry.

Biodegradable adhesives

Biodegradable adhesives are often possible! For food beverage applications our water-based adhesives are based on casein from milk and solved in water. These adhesives are completed with cereals, tackifiers, wheat, adhesion promotors, sugar, potato starch, apple pomace and many other foodgrade additives

Most of our water-based adhesives based are based on:

  • Caseins
  • Synthetic dispersions
  • Starch
  • PVOH
  • Mixtures / Hybrids
  • PVAC
  • EVA
  • Acrylate

Adhesives for bottle labeling

Perfect adhesion and high application speeds. High peel strengths, High condensation and ice water resistancy.

Natural raw materials: casein and dextrin adhesives

Intercol offers adhesives meeting BOD5 and COD requirements, which realise less sewage load and cost savings. Casein adhesives are outstanding biobased products. Casein-based adhesives can be formulated to meet extremele water resistant requirements. Caseine adhesives are often used in beverage industries, breweries, for the labeling of beer bottles.

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