PUR Hotmelt Adhesive – Panels

Our panel pur hot melt ahdesises are fast curing, flexible, solvent free adhesives. This type of hotmelt is an one component PUR
for bonding insulated panel materials.

Flat lamination

Flat lamination PUR hot melt adhesives are used to laminated layers or foils to a panel. This might be wood, corrugated board, insulation foam, metal, or plastic.

Solvent Free Adhesives

Polyurethane hot melts provide a reduced environmental impact in comparison to solvent based adhesives.

Temperature Resistance

Generally, polyurethane hot melts are resistant to temperatures up to +120˚C for long periods.

Chemical Resistance

To various acids, some solvents, cleaners, wetting agents, plasticizers, diesel, petrol and strong bases.

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