Acrylic Emulsion Polymer adhesive and coatings

Acrylics can be based as pure acrylics, styrene acrylics and vinyl acrylics. Because of ever more demainding packaging materials and more difficult to glue substrates, food grade acrylics are gaining market share in food grade packaging adhesives. As being particularly designed for pressure-sensitive tapes and label applications, which may be applied on envelopes, decalm, cleaning, special tapes and label applications, as well as medical self adhesive products. Acrylics provide good properties in both removable and permanent bonding applications. For permanent bonds acrylics offer good mechanical stability a high tack and outstanding peel strength. Acrylics applied at removable applications provide good mechanical stability and high cohesive strength. Acrylic emulsions bond to a larege variety of substrates including metals, plastics (PET, PE, PP< ABS) ceramics, wood, leather and textiles.

If your application is not designed to dry waterbased self adhesive, you might consider 100% solids, solvent free PSA hot melt adhesives.


Resin-supported emulsions (RSE)

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