Why use PUR in favour of PSA hot melt?

Polyurethane hot melt adhesives will cure after it’s application, as pressures sensitive PSA hot melt always will remain elastic and thermpoplastic. PUR hot melt adhesives offer:

  • High temperature resistance, up to 140°C
  • High moisture resistance
  • High chemical resistance
  • High shear strengths
  • Low adhesive consumption
  • Fast setting to reduce compression and production times
  • Environmental better solutions against solvent based adhesives

What is a hot melt adhesive?

Hot melt adhesive is typically known as a thermoplastic adhesive, it melts every time it get’s hot, like a wax candle. Wax is also an often used raw material to manufacture EVA and PO hot melts for e.g. the packaging industry.

What is PUR hot melt used for?

Most typical applications are furniture, textiles and building materials. Products that have to rely on a durable, years to last bond and these products are often made at high capacity automated manufacturing locations.

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