Secure bonding of PE, PP & HDPE caps

For secure bonding and food safe applications of PE, PP & HDPE caps applications to beverage cartons

Our hot melt adhesives provide high adhesive strength for e.g. milk & juice packaging machines

It is succesfully used for Slimcap & Streamcap applicators

Cap fixing hot melt adhesive

EHM 6110, our cap-fixing adhesive, enables production efficiency and reduced production cost for cap-fixing on aesceptic packaging applications. 

EHM 6110 produced in prills, is our easy to run cap-fixing adhesive, making it easy to be used with aseptic packaging, cartons, containers and other packaging products.


  • Clean running – low stringing, so few stoppages
  • High adhesion – good bond to plastic lids and cartons
  • Thermally stable – performance will not deteriorate over time (and won’t create blockages with the nozzle causing you downtime in your production etc)
  • ‘one-stop-shop’ – potential to be used across different caps/production lines (saving stock/money and reducing your inventory)
  • Supplied as prills – so can be used with auto-feed systems (against products supplied in blocks)
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