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Case erector hot melt adhesives

For optimal durability, reliability and value, Intercol’s polyolefin hot melt range is perfect to glue and erect corrugated cases and close the bottom flaps with hot melt glue. These hot melt prills and pears will easily flow through the Nordson ProBlue Liberty™ Hot Melt Systems, and hot melt glue is applied directly to case flaps creates a strong, rigid bond which helps ensure boxes remain intact and the contents secure at all times.

Polyolefin Hot melt Range

Beardow Adams High-Performance Hotmelt Range for Packaging Applications

Futura has range includes powerful specialty adhesives is with excellent propertiesregarding bond strength, mileage, application costs, and safety.

Polyolefine hot melt on a tray erecting machine in slow motion

Customers Benefits:

  • Excellent bond strength
  • Less maintenance effort, less downtimes thanks to extremely thermostable adhesive formulations
  • Average consumption up to 30% lower than conventional hotmelts
  • Outstanding cold flexibility and heat resistance
  • Super fast setting.

Allow Short Compression times, our polyolefin hot melt adhesives ensure tight, secure strong seals on the widest range of case sizes and styles.

Tray Erector Hot melt adhesive adhesive