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PSA hot melt adhesive manufacturers

Producing high and stable quality hot melt psa adhesives keeps the pricing of our products low. Due the Intercol’s high efficiency and reliability the pricing of our products are very competitive

With state-of-the-art mixing equipment our production is able to manufacture high performance hotmelt pressure sensitive adhesives. These are mostly based on thermoplastic rubber, which find it’s application in:

  • Labelstock production
  • Self adhesive labels
  • Automotive tapes
  • Linerless labels
  • Industrial tapes
  • Building and construction industry

Our fully transparant thermal stable PSA hot melt adhesives offer for high performance in adhesion and thermal stability. We aim to provide customer specific adhesive solutions which allow our clients to work most efficiently. Whether your melt coating equipment needs 1KG blocks or fibre drums, we can supply most products from stock.

PSA hot melt adhesive manufacturers

In our sophisticated R&D department we continuously develop new products and investigate new raw materials

At Intercol we are testing the performance of our adhesives in accordance to international industry test methods such as FINAT, AFERA and PSTC.