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Customer specific adhesives

Intercol is specialist adhesive manufacturer for customer specific developed adhesives, enable our customers to bring new products fast and reliable to the market. Our TTM (time to market) is low, and developments are uniqe. We help to develop and manufactur the best product by adding fibres, organic compounds such as cellulose, textiles, binders, binder agents, foamers, defoamers, rheology adapters, viscosity improvents, flow agents, fire retardants.

With our blending and mixing equipment we can offer efficiënt production and manufacturing methods, with a proven and qualified production system with tracking and tracing. Most of our products are unharmfull and may be used in food packaging applications.

We can formulate and develop hotmelts (EVA, PU, PO, PSA) and waterbased PVOH, PVAC, EVA, dextrin, starch and casein adhesives.