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Toll blending, processing by Intercol

Intercol is able to blend various products in it’s production. Especially waterbased and other products with a temperature up to 100°C. With our blenders from 100Liters to 20.000 liters we can manufacture efficiently.

With our integrated quality system and our extensive R&D support, we can help other companies to build and focus on their own product and sales. Our R&D is experienced to optimize products for customer experience and from an economic point of view.

 Mixing and blending

  • blending of dextrine, PVOH or other powder products;
  • diluting and blending of powders in water;
  • blending of polymer dispersions;
  • All waterbased & Dispersions
  • All waterbased resins, waxes and polymers

Packaging & Storage 

  • supply in 23 ton tanktruck
  • 1 mt IBC
  • 200 kg PE drums

Or any customer specified packaging. Intercol’s network for packaging and filling companies is able to fullfill practically all your  needs.