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Toll manufacturing PVOH PVAc

Intercol’s production capacity and storage facilities enable us to toll manufacture adhesives, coatings and binders and find a match between our possibilities and your specifications, requirements, improvements and developments. Intercol has a broad and specific knowledge about production methodes and additives for binders, adhesives and coatings. Most of our products are based on PVOH (Polyvinylalcohol), PVAc (Polyvinylacetate) and starch (biodegradable). We enable you to develop your products and also provide a high quality standaard. Toll manufacturing is interesting for both established companies that have increased production demands and start ups in the chemical, construction, packaging and textile. Outsourcing production can save on investments, costs and increase efficiency.

Intercol’s toll manufacturing includes the opportunity to produce small scale laboratory samples up to full scale bulk production, handling, transport and export services including documents, for all of our adhesive technologies.