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Case Packer hot melt

Intercol’s standard range of hot melt adhesives for case erectors, offer optimal durability, reliability and value, high speed, coated cartons, expanding boxes, long open time, it’s all handled by some of our most versatile hot melt glues. Equipped with the dependable, industry leading Nordson ProBlue Liberty™ Hot Melt System, glue applied directly to case flaps creates a strong, rigid bond which helps ensure boxes remain intact and the contents secure at all times.

Our standard range of hot melt adhesives for case erectors and corrugated wraparound machines:

  • EHM 9442
    • Standard, long open time, fast setting, thermal stable (polyolefin)
  • EHM 9768
    • very fast setting speed (0.5 seconds), high heat resistant 65°C (polyolefin)
  • EHM 9354
    • yellow, economic grade (EVA)

Industries we serve with our hot melt adhesives

  • Egg and dairy packaging
  • Automotive and hardware packaging
  • Baking industry (baked products packaging)
  • Beverage packaging
  • Household, consumer and personal care products
  • Craft beer
  • Chemicals
  • Food
  • Food service disposables
  • Meat and poultry packaging
  • Nutraceutical
  • Pet food and treats
  • Pharmaceutical and medical supplies