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Filter pleating hot melt adhesive

We manufacture adhesives for many solutions including Filter Pleating. EHM 9794 plays the perfect role for all your filter pleating needs. With its fast melt rate and low out-gassing, EHM 9794 makes the ideal solution for sensitive materials, and areas where intended care is needed. To find out more about EHM 9794 and our other filter pleating adhesives, please contact us at or +31 318 636363

We develop hot melt pleating Adhesives that meets your standards. If your application requires an adhesive to bond to metal frames, to keep mini-pleats evenly spaced or to have low volatiles to minimize outgassing, we have a standard range of pleating adhesives, the technical support and the R&D capacity to offer application developed Hot Melt Adhesives. Our pleating hot melt adhesives are formulated to produce outstanding quality filter pleat packs. Most adhesive formulations are suited for both synthetic and micro fiberglass media and are versatile applicable in a variety of pleating machinees.