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Gluing process

Gluing in progress, most efficiënt processing, that’s one of our main goals to achieve at our customers. More efficiënt processing bij using the best adhesives. No cleaning, no splashing, every carton and every panel 100% glued at the right positions, 100.000 or 10.000.000 pieces without any gluing errors. Above that, our adhesives can be made with special detection fluids, also food safe grades, to check if the glue is really on the intended positions, in the intended quantities.

Glue processing optimized

Folding Cartons

Water-based and hot melt adhesive solutions can be used for folding carton applications. Intercol’s adhesives can can improve the production for the construction of folding boxes. The product’s end quality may depend from the influence of the adhesive’s interaction with the cardboard, surface quality, varnished, coatings and printing ink. Together with our customers we provide reliable bonding on all kinds of surfaces, and a reliable process. Intercol offers a full range of waterbased and hot melt adhesives and together with our technical support we offer increased line speeds, improved board quality and will reduce total cost-in-use.
Our adhesives:

  • Are precise applicable
  • Provide reliable bonding
  • Offer high shear strengths
  • Are machine-adapted in viscosity, drying speed and rheology.
  • May be set easy cleaning, ice water resistant, coloured

Window patching

Most  water based window patching adhesives for envelopes are
copolymer dispersions. These adhesive can be applied by a roller- or jetting- application and are used for gluing different types of plastic films. Practical examples are envelope-windows and retail packaging, food and non food applications, strong and bended windows are also one of the speciality solutions in this area.

Waterbased window patching adhesives