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Hot melt

Intercol is a hot melt adhesive manufacturer, providing several hot melt formulations such as EVA, PSA, PO en PUR. With this wide range of products we are able to make our customers processes more efficiënt, by replacing excisting production techniques as nailing, welding, screwing, tapeing with an adhesive application, or by improving the existing adhesive application on runnability, quality, efficiëncy or cost.

With our team of adhesive engineers and chemical developers, we match raw materials, customer requirements and assembly parameters. The biggest advantages hot melt adhesives offer, are contineously processing (no stop to drill a hole for example, just run by a glue nozzle), undamaged products (no drill holes) and fast processing (a compression time of 1-10 seconds is quite standard).

Our hot melt adhesives are used in a lot of different industries, from automotive, gluing interior panels, textiles, furniture, carpet, filters and exterior lights, to building, packaging and textiles.