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Labelling hot melt adhesives

Hot-Melt Labelling

Intercol offers a range of hot melt adhesives that are capable to serve the most difficult labelling applications, high quality adhesives for pick-up and overlap, vertical, roll-through labellers

The new polyolefine labelling adhesives provide better adhesion and are designed for labelling chilled and ambient packagings. The presence of a high molten tack with long open time, to serve difficult applications aswet glass and PET cold filled bottles. Even for expanding carbonated drink PET bottles our labelling adhesives will hold its bond. Whether the adhesive needs to slip to accommodate expansion or need to adhere the label (OPP) and allow it to stretch. We can help avoid unsightly sticky glue lines. Another specifc product range is for the shrinking plastic bottles where labels are heat shrunk after application.

The product range labelling adhesives includes grades for wet and cold bottles on both reel and magazine fed system. For hot and dry cans and jars to 85°C we have a specific rubberbased HMA’s. These label applications are typically seen in the industry of preserves, vegetables, fruit, pet foods and other products that are cooked or sterilised in their containers prior to labelling. Our range of spray application adhesives allow labelling machines  to run over 1,500 containers per minute; no stringing or overspray. And above all, a recution of adhesive consumption.

The alkali dispersible range hot melt adhesives can be quickly removed to support bottle recycling and refilling. These hot melts are packed without waste, because the foil wil melt together with the adhesive, being part of the formulation of the glue.

Our standard labelling adhesives range includes labelling:

  • Wet Glass
  • PET 
  • Wet and cold Bottles
  • Shrinkable plastic bottles
  • Hot and dry cans/jars
  • Alkali Dipersible applications