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Linerless PSA hot melt labelstock adhesives

For liner less label applications we have several grades, our standard range of PSA hot melt adhesive on the attached table (image) as well:

EHM 9638 – Low cost general adhesive

EHM 9456 – Standard adhesive – transparent no label look applications

EHM 9014 – High tacky grade (very sticky)

EHM 9798 – Removable grade

Labelstock all-in-one lines

As technology develops, manufacturers around the globe are frequently looking for increased flexibility and diversity within their product offering. The same can be seen within the labelstock market with ‘all-in-one’ manufacturing lines becoming more and more common place.

Here, self-adhesive labels (labelstock) can be laminated, embossed, printed, adhesive coated, printed, die-cut, slit and wound all in one continuous process. This gives the manufacturer the ability to create bespoke products, resulting in higher profit margins on shorter production runs, alongside more commoditised standard product offerings.

Manufacturing lines offered by the likes of ETI Converting Equipment, amongst others, are presenting innovative solutions to the label printing industry in bridging the gap between printing and adhesive coating processes and bringing it into an all-in-one line.

This increased product offering, and diversity of application is allowing the following label products to be produced all on the same production
line alongside more standard production:

  • General Purpose Labelstock – Permanent & semi-permanent
  • General Purpose Labelstock – Removable
  • Dairy Labels
  • Car Tyre Labels
  • Deep Freeze Labels
  • No-label-look Labels
  • Linerless / Self-wound Labels
  • Food Contact Labels

With this increased variety, it undoubtedly puts extra demands on the quality and performance of the adhesive. Product choice can be difficult to navigate and the desire for multi-purpose adhesive products may stand out, but adhesive performance and efficiency remains critical to the customer.