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Product assembly hot melt adhesives

Our adhesives

  • Create invisible bonds
  • Offer the best balance for
    • Production efficiency
    • Relialable, consistent products
    • Durability
  • Create a strong bond

Product assembly hot melt adhesives enable manufacturers to improve product quality, production efficiency and aesthetic appearance with assured adhesion, using no nails, screws and other fixings that can be unsightly, costly to assembly and even damage the final product.

Our range of hot melt adhesives is used for automotive applications to bond foam, acoustic composites, trim, headliner components and many kinds of sub assembly products. Intercol develops customer made hot melt adhesives for critical applications such as within the global telecommunications cable market.

Within civil engineering and construction applications, bonding plastic, partitioning, insulation and anti-heave products. A special range of hot melts for white goods and electronic applications has been developed.  HMA’s to seal plug holes assemble control panels, heat exchangers, hot air conveyors and hot melts to keep gaskets firmly in position. Within the filter industry mechanical fasteners are eliminated and pleating processes run faster.

Being non toxic and solvent free, hot melt adhesives are replace solvent based adhesives within the production of mattresses, seating and furniture and are being increasingly used to form gaskets in-situ to deliver significant time and cost savings.

Our Product Assembly adhesives ranges includes:

  • Automotive assembly hot melts
  • Construction and Civil Engineering hot melt adhesives
  • White Goods and Electronics adhesives
  • Filter production adhesives
  • Mattresses assembly adhesives