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pvac dispersion manufacturer

Intercol is a manufacturer of PVAC adhesives. We manufacture many dispersions based on PVAC and are able to mix these with other adhesives, binders, fillers and fibres to compose the best applicable product in our customers markets. Substrates are often porous and industries are mostly packaging, assembly and construction related.

PVAC dispersions are family of the VAE dispersions used in dispersions for vinyl-based waterborne adhesives. Intercol acts as an adhesive formulation partner to supply manufacturing industries. Our waterbased adhesives are continuously in development to offer present and future market needs. We have outstanding problem solving adhesives and very good cost/performance ratio adhesives. With a focus on efficiency, flexibility and compliance for consumer health and environmental concerns.

Most of our adhesives are dispersions based with vinyl acetate-ethylene co- and terpolymers (VAE), starch, polyvinyl acetate homopolymers (PVAc).