Environmentally friendly hot melt adhesives

Intercol ha a name that has been known in the adhesives industry since 1972. Intercol since then, offered it’s experience with pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives to customers and provide specific products for special applications.

With new developed environmentally friendly hot melt adhesives Intercol serves industrial self-adhesive finishing of labels, technical tapes and e-commerce packaging. Intercol supplies primarily focusses in Europe and supplies special needs all over the world, such as USA, south Korea, Africa, Sout america and Australia.

Parcel box closures

A complete self adhesive range is available for packaging in the Internet trade: for the self-adhesive closure of shipping boxes and for shipping bags made of film.

Self adhesive labels

For self-adhesive labels a standard hot melt range is availalble, from weakly adhesive to highly cohesive strong, for linerless labels or for deep freeze labels that have to be applied at -25 ° C

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