Flat lamination

Flat lamination adhesives can be used in various lamination application. main applications are sandwich panels and decorative panels

Flat lamination pur hot melt adhesives

Sandwich panel lamination

Sandwich panels and lightweight panels are often a multi-layer construction. Different layers and core materials are bonded together with adhesive, which is more often a PUR hot melt in modern production environments. Sandwich panels have to offer a high load capacity and rigidness and a hard and protective surfac layers. PUR hot melt adhesives are often cost-effective and durable

Innovative PUR hot melt adhesive systems provide a highly flexible bond and guarantees long-lasting functionality.

PUR hot melt flat lamination

Decorative Panels

High Gloss substrates such as ABS or PET Foils offer modern interior design looks for furniture and flooring. Modern architecture more often uses high gloss surfaces nowadays. It’s both an opportunity and a challenge for many manufacturers to suplly new markets. Visual requirements may be very demanding. Our specially formulated PUR hotmelt adhesives are excellent for bonding high gloss foils.

PUR Hot melts offer:

  • Precize application
  • Smooth surface application
  • Excellent adhesion
  • High hot tack
  • Fast geen strength
  • Optically clear for transparent applications
  • Roller coater application.
  • Slot coater application
  • Roller bar application
Flat laminating with PUR hot melt
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