How to eliminate blocked nozzles?

Intercol has new polyolefin and thermal stable EVA hot melt adhesives, at our laboratory we carry out bespoke adhesive thermal degradation testing. With this test we are able to demonstrate that new revolutionary hot melt technology can, and will, eliminate downtime. A blocked nozzle often occurs when hot melt adhesive degrades in the glue tank over time, it may also occur in hoses and glue applicator heads. When temperatures are high and some hot melt adhesives are unstable, this could already happe over a lunch break but more often it happens in a weekend, or due to downtime in another area of the line.

Reduce downtime

Engineering managers often minimse the impact of hot melt coaling by turning the hot melt tanks off and using the standby modes. In practise it is most forgotten and the adhesive starts degrading. When starting up again it’s mayhem! Blocked hot melt nozzles, clogged filters. Intercol’s white polyolefin hot melt adhesives has specifically been developed to have a 0% change when continously heated for 72 hours at 160 degrees Celcius. You may say it’s allow to ‘abuse’ the hot melt adhesive – it forgives one for forgettint to turn the hot melt unit off, setting high temperatures.

No downtime, no issues, no microstops, full production!

Thermal stable polyolefin hot melt adhesives
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