Paper & board converting

Intercol has a complete range of adhesive for a wide application area of paper & board converting applications, we have standard adhesives available for is paper bags & sacks, folding cartons, corrugated converting, parcel boxes manufacturing & envelopes. For producing semi-finished products we offer adhesives for tube-winding and lamination purposes

Cardboard boxes

Intercol is an adhesive specialist for the gluing of cardboard boxes, for small paperboard folding cartons and big corrugated board boxes we optimize the adhesive for your needs. The wide array of board types and application methods used for producing cardboard boxes, requires us to have a large range of standard and customer designed adhesives. Printed and lacquered solidboard may need some high tack adhesive where standard kraft- or testliner corrugated board applicated by wheel can be served with a economic standard adhesive. Whether you apply adhesives by segment or high pressure contactless nozzle, we offer technical support and the right adhesive.

Box sealing hot melt adhesives

Intercol’s hot melt adhesives for tray erecting, box forming, parcel boxes and closing and end-of-line food packaging are truly an unique range of solutions . Hot melt adhesives still include both EVA-based and metallocene polyolefin-based packaging hotmelts. Moreover, hotmelts can not only be used as a glue, but also as a moisture barrier, anti-slip coating and heatseal coating.

Bags & sacks

For the production of single- and multi-wall paper bags, Intercol has a standard range of adhesive products completed with customer specific made adhesives. Whether you require paste adhesives for bottom-gluing nozzle/wheel applied side seam adhesives or adhesives for window gluing, handle or liner attachment.

Board lamination

Cardboard, corrugated board or solidboard, are often laminated using a waterbased adhesive and applied with paper, film or another material that adds value for protecting or marketing products. Wet tack, lay flat , bond strength, price and cost efficiency are important factors for manufacturers of laminated board. Intercol has a standard range of adhesives for carton, paper- or foil-to-board lamination.

Tube winding

Rrom toilet paper rolls to cores for large tubes of paper or textile, we have specific adhesives that helps achieving the the requirements that the tube has to serve. We have standard adhesives for core-winding and many customer specific developed adhesives for inner- and/or outer-ply application.

Envelope manufacturing

When manufacturing envelopes, side seams, bottom flaps and window films are glued with our adhesives.  Sealing envelopes at the end user is typically done by means of a pressure sensitive or remoistenable adhesive . Furthermore we have customer specific designed adhesives for the production of envelopes.


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