Laminating fabrics and foams

Intercol offers specific adhesive solutions for lamination processes. Laminating is often used as a fabrication method to create composite materials. Lamination can be done with double sided tapes and double sided adhesive coated laminates, but also directly inline with spray adhesives or roller coater systems. We offer a large group of adhesives based on Polyurethane, Hot melt, Dispersions and biobased raw materials to be applied on foams, fabrics and other specialty substrates. Our technical advice enables product developers to create unique products and new packaging possibilities. Our range of lamination adhesives can be customer specific adapted to e.g. flame-, heat,- water-, and chemical- resistancy.

Heatseal reactivating adhesives

Heat seal laminations are mostly coated with thermoplastic hot melt adhesive coatings. It’s often used to bind a foam to another material at local manufacturers. The heat melts the coated surface of the foam, than changing it into a tacky surface where the adhesive is back into it’s semi-fluid phase. When the coated and heat reactivated surface is being pressed to the other substrate, such as a fabric the bond is almost instantly being made.

Inline laminating

Inline laminating with hot melt adhesives is an often seen and efficient production method to make composite materials. Inercol’s adhesives are used to laminate all kinds of substrates such as foams, wood, plastics, fabrics, metal, non-wovens and textiles.

PUR hot melt laminating adhesives
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