Intercol has a range of adhesives that are use by offset printing and cardboard packaging firms.

With expanding markets for gift and premium packaging, new adhesive solutions are necessary to bond coated, lacquered, shiny, laminated packagings. Furthermore offset printers, die-cutters, folder-gluers and finishing equipment may require special waterborn chemicals such as web adhesives and folder gluing adhesives. Our special 600 series of adhesive even provide strong bonds to acrylic or UV coatings, specific varnishes, hot and cold foil gilding, embossing and laminated substrates.

The adhesive range of Intercol is expanding for special packagings in the luxury goods, wines & spirits, FMCG and bag-in-box markets.

Intercol has a laboratory available to make customer specific glue trials, an modern production, storage and worldwide local technical support.

Furthermore Intercol has a complete range of adhesives for folder gluing, cardboard lamination and almost any other application with adhesives in the printing and packaging industry. In addition, most of our adhesives are proven to be safely used for food packaging surposes. Intercol is a technology leader in food packaging, folder gluing and optical foodsafe glue detection.

More and more companies are seeking more sustainable packaging alternatives besides that our current range of adhesives are one of the most environmently technically possible, we also offer completely biobased and biodegredable adhesives. The current standard solutions are mostly based on starch, wheat or protein, but also PLA and other good glue additives are avaible to make the best bio degradable adhesive. We may discuss the best solution for your production, and give advice for machine adaptments to work with these bio degradable and bio based adhesives.