Sustainable Textile Lamination

Intercol is presenting the latest addition to its PUR hot melt product family, it is an reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive for textile laminating.

Renewable materials

Only high-performance raw materials that have been optimized to formulate adhesives are used for our manufacturing processes, including some renewable raw materials. Our new PUR hot melt adhesive is developed for laminating textiles in the automotive industry. There is also a new range of sustainable hot melt adhesives

Washable and soft feel

The new pur hot melt adhesive fulfills high requirements for washing resistance and soft textile feel, it’s processing temperature is between 105 and 145 °C. It can be easily integrated in existing processes.

It can be used for bonding operations in the manufacturing of mattresses and upholstery covers, automotive applications, medical textiles, protective clothing, building and construction textiles, abrasive materials, cleaning textiles, geotextiles and practically all established textile laminating applications.

Reduce use of fossil materials

Due to the renewable raw materials in its adhesive formulation, it is of particular interest for manufacturers that want to reduce the use of fossil raw materials in manufacturing processes. With current technologies, this is a step by step process. To be fully biobased and biodegradable, other adhesive technologies, such as starch, may be interesting to have a look at.