Intercol’s range of hot melt adhesives is targeted on special applications such as carto sealing, bottle labeling, straw attachment, paper bag manufacturing, bags assembly, etc.  By contineous innovation, Intercol develops new grades that make our customers production processess more and more efficient. Our white EVA and Metallocene Polyolefin (mPO) based hot melts provide advantages as less downtime, less and easier maintenance, no fumes, food safe certification and problemfree running. We also offer a range of hot melt glue sticks for starting up purposes, R&D or manual repairs. By offering hot melt adhesives with low odor, no charring, no gelling, no stringing, low density, and high adhesion strength, a wide environmental temperature, our hot melt adhesives are one of the most versatile grades which can save cost and create better efficiency for the customers.

Our White EVA and Pololefine hot melt range has taken the performance of hot melt adhesives for end-of-line packaging to a high level. Technically advanced and extreme versatile, Polyolefine hot-melt packaging adhesives can be used with almost any packaging machine, carton quality and pack formats.

Our range of hot melt adhesives that have been specifically developed for use within non-standard demanding case making is also very large. We offer more than 500 packaging hot melt grades, 150 grades are available from stock. For high demands in deep freeze (EHM 5114) , high temperature resistance (EHM 9244), low application temperature (EHM 5116), no stringing (EHM 5108), or extremely fast setting (0.1 second, EHM 5084) we solve the most demanding applications to run perfect. Whether you are serving carton sealing or tray forming applications. For healthcare and pharmaceutical packaging we offer essential certificates of quality to secure bond and tamper resistant. In additon these hot melt adhesives provide additional pack construction and sealing strength.