PIB are used as one of the basic substance in the production of pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesives. Other base raw materials are elastomers and synthetic polymers based on isobutylene provide other specs and application areas. As a environmental responsible adhesive manufacturer, we aim to work with food safe ingredients. Specific formulations can be made to meet high stable to oxidation requirements. PIB in this case are friendly for skin appliance and therefore are a component in medical areas such as surgical tape adhesive and transdermal systems.

More information about

  • Hygiene and medical products
  • PSA hot melt adhesives
  • Insect trap adhesives


An example of a PSA hot melt formulation is based on a

  • Copolymer of isobutylene and isoprene
  • Tackifying resin
  • Microcrystalline wax (microwax)
  • Antioxidant


Hot melt adhesive are accelerating today’s complex manufacturing processes. The most common application is packaging many other diverse application areas are product assembly applications such as white goods and automotive, lamination, woodworking, insulating materials, bookbinding, cable assembly. Every day new application areas are found.

As hot melt adhesives being 100% solids, not containing solvents or water, hot melt adhesives can bond also to non-porous substrates. Combined with fast and excellent bonding strength. In some applications less than a second compression time is needed. Hot melt glue has to be heated, in general to approximately 160°C. At this application temperature it is able to adhere to the substrate and create a quick strong bond. Hot melt bonds can be stronger and lighter than traditional nailing, welding and screwing applications, because substrates are not damaged and by flat lamination for example, the adhesion area is large.

Hot Melt Granules, pastilles and prills.

Most comon are hot melt adhesives in granules. Most of these are based on EVA and polyolefin. Other grades, such as fugutives and pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) are mostly supplied in 0.5 to 1.0 KG blocks or 200L drums. Polyurethane adhesives are always sold in drums, from 2.5 to 200L