Thermoplastic  adhesives meet the  challenging requirements of the furniture and interior work industry.

  • Fast application,
  • difficult shaped profiles
  • low and high temperature resistance
  • Moisture restance
  • Roller coating, slotcoating, no contact extrusion, or spray applications

PU Hot melts (polyurethane) do enable our customers to use it for a wider range of applications:• Not only physical setting but also chemical cross linking• Higher temperature, chemical and moisture resistance up to 140 °Celsius• Bonds a wide range of  metals and plastics, like PO, PE, PP, PET, PS and EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate hot melt adhesives and polyolefin):• Hotmelt PU adhesives are based on thermoplastic and synthetics or resins with an additional crosslinker• High Green strength directly after cooling.• temperature resistance up to 90 ° C (EVA) / 120 °C (PO) / 140 °C (PU)hot melt PU adhesves offer many advantage above solvent based polyurethane adhesivesHig speed wrapping CPL, papers, special veneers and thermo plastic (PE, PP, EVA, PO) foils to profiles made from metal, plastics, wood, wood based materials, PVC and aluminium• High sticky green strength• Line speeds to 70m/min• Very fast setting hot melt PU propertiesPuHM501wrapping HPL, CPL, thermoplastic and difficult to adhere foils, thick  veneers and papers/cartons on wooden substrates, aluminium, metal and PVC profiles• Universal use PUhotmelt• Standard range of adhesives that ar eCertified for window profile wrapping according to RAL GZ 716-for highly durable bonding of wood based materi-thick decorative papers,Interior veneersHigh tackinessHeat storage resistance to over 160 °C• Deep freeze resistance down to -45 °C