Profile wrapping

Profile wrapping applications show continuously increasing requirements for more efficient, faster manufacturing processes as well as stronger bonding adhesives. Nowadays a multitude of substrates, such as wood-
based materials, plasticss and metal are wrapped with a great variety of foils. Profiles serve many different applications such as:

  • General interior for home and offices
  • Kitchen and home furniture
  • Domestic appliances and shops
  • Fittings and floorings in shipbuilding and caravan
  • Exhibition displays

When use PUR Hot melt?

PUR hot melts are used for instance when the products have to meet special demands regarding to moisture, cold- and heat resistance. PUR hot melts mostly provide a stronger adhesion. PUR hot melts are high efficient adhesives for demanding bonding requirements. PUR hot melts are now the standard adhesives for metal profiles and for difficult to bond, plastic foils. Still, regurlarly new raw materials are introduced to develop even better adhesives. This enables various industries to continuously increase processing speed and automation levels.