For the woodworking industry, has filled and unfilled grades for EVA, PO and PUR grades. These hot melts are for special purposes engineered, such as for edge banding or profile wrapping. There is a range of hot melt adhesives suitable for low, middle and high speed of production equipment (high speed: mor than 20m/min) No

Some of our hot melt adhesives provide a very high hot tack to allow quick processing with cutters and saws. The density depends on the amount of filler that is used. Polyurethane grades may be offered as fast curing and providing extreme strong bonds. Other, slower setting grades offer more adhesion strength on plastic substrateds.
For hard to bond surfaces, mostly plastics like PP, often Polyolefin hot melts are used to produce the desired quality.

Intercol has unique sources for several raw materials and therefore unique solutions for production processes to produce very efficiënt in the areas of profile wrapping, edgebanding and softforming, with high quality standards, we are able to outperform standard filled adhesives. More advantages are that these adhesives are clean and extremely easy to handle, The new waterwhite EVA and polyolefine adhesives for wood can be used with most woodworking machines and create a strong bond to PVC, HPL, solid wood, melamine, wood veneer and other materials used to assemble MDF and chipboard.

Our profile wrapping hot melt adhesives, such was Waterwhite 301 and 303 provide outperforming solutions. This range of hard-wearing general purpose hot melt adhesives offers a long open time. Most of these grades are heat resistant and adhere strongly to a wide range of substrates. Low viscosity, low temperature resistant and strong make these new hot melt formulations ideal for slot coating applications or the attaching thermally sensitive materials, such as PVC.

The new 300 serie grades are perfect for edgebanding assembly and softforming. When you require a fast melting adhesive with strong adhesion and applied as a thin film, which is most required for bonding difficult edges. Other HMA’s offfer a high viscosity with high molten tack, but can also withstand temperatures of 60°C – 70°C. For high speed bonding of edgebanding and softforming machines. The unique raw materials enable low smearing edgebanding making your products smooth and clean.