PVAc waterbased adhesives are used for bonding HPL panels in inline high-speed or stack presses but also for doubling of boards, structure and assembly gluing.

Waterbased PVAc dispersion adhesives, are mostly engineered for application by roller, it offers a long open time for manual assembly of large surfaces as well, these times can be shorter with fast drying adhesives for short and quick assembly lines. PVAc Adhesives are availaibel in different durability classes from D2 to D4, according to DIN EN 204/205. Intercol’s special formulations for flat gluing can be adapted to meet fire protection standards and support the flame-retardant properties. 

PVAC adhesives are also used in many other wood gluing such as multi-layer wood panel producting for the woodworking and furniture sectors. It has especially application in flat surfaces by veneer or decorative papers and the production of multi-layer wood and curved panels.