What is PUR hot melt adhesive used for?

Polyurethane hot melt adhesives (PUR Hotmelt) are synthetic adhesives based on polyurethane. They are characterised by high adhesive strength, elasticity and resistance and are therefore particularly suitable for use in applications where high loads and movements occur.

PUR Hotmelt is often used in the furniture industry to join furniture parts together. They are also suitable for use in the packaging industry to bond cardboard boxes and packaging. In the footwear industry they are used to bond soles and uppers.

PUR Hotmelt can also be used to bond plastics, wood, textiles and other materials. They are particularly suitable for use in high humidity environments as they have a high water resistance.

Overall, PUR hot melt adhesives offer a robust and reliable way to bond different materials together. They are an important alternative to conventional adhesives and have proven themselves in many areas.