Meet The hot melt Adhesive: EHM PSA 8936: We spoke to one of our Area Sales managers and asked him what his favourite adhesive is and why.
EHM PSA 8936 is a pressure sensitive adhesive hot melt adhesive designed to give excellent adhesion on difficult to bond surfaces with low surface energy. Adheres to polar and non-polar surfaces. EHM PSA 8936 is his favourite as “the benefits from using EHM PSA 8936 is that it is extremely efficient when creating a bond that will last. EHM PSA 8936 is highly recommended in pressure sensitive adhesive applications”.

Pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesives are mostly thermoplastic rubber-based adhesives. UV curable hot melt adhesives are a special solution which is practically not used. PSA hot melt adhesives keep it’s stickyness after cooling down, Permanent Sticky Adhesive. The adhesive bond will improve in time even after cooling down to room temperature. Pressure Sensitive implies that contact pressure is the key for creating a bond beteween the adhesive and the joined substrate. Pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives are used in manufacturing assembly processes, as coating on self adhesive tapes and self adhesive labels.

There is a large range of PSA hot melt adhesives available, from permanently tacky and removable types to deepfreeze resistant and high temperature (High Shear Adhesion Fail Temperature; SAFT) hot melt adhesives.